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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF REFINED EXPLORATION Journeys are uniquely designed for those who have limited time to Halong bay but delight in the thrill of exploration while indulging mind and body in the ambiance of relaxed elegance aboard the region’s finest luxury day-ship. That inspires us open and run Wonder Bay Cruises Halong From the first moment you step aboard, you don’t so much embark, as join. You are welcome by attentive staff famous for their heart-beaten hospitality and your ship feel instantly family. The sophisticated creation restaurant and stylish sundeck are spacious, scale for comfort and elegantly understated in design and furnishings. Be part of her maiden cruises as Wonder Bay Cruises carry on the supreme luxury cruises explore the stunning and remoteness that romances the senses.
Package price: 82$

Vietfarm Experience Country Life

Enyoy Viet Farm Trip experience country life is the best one who can help you to answer for all your question .We are the only one here in the north of Vietnam organized the unique viet farm tour experience country life
Package price: 34$

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