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Enyoy Viet Farm Trip experience country life is the best one who can help you to answer for all your question .We are the only one here in the north of Vietnam organized the unique viet farm tour experience country life
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Dear travelers!
Before coming to Vietnam,it is probably you have seen Vietnamese people working on the farm ,plowing and raking by water buffalo ,riding on the back of buffalo (Vietnamese BMW),scooping water ,planting rice …,seeing Vietnamese rice crops.but you don’t know how Vietnamese people doing,how we live.Many questions were asked  by yourself, but no  one help you answer .
Enyoy Viet Farm Trip experience country  life is the best one who can help you to answer for all your  question  .We are the only one here in the north of Vietnam organized the unique viet farm tour experience country life  combine with Halong bay 1 day tour.
We make sure you will have a great experience  memory about the way we do for 


Viet Farm Trip is located in the Red river delta and it is on the half way from Hanoi to Ha long bay .The village Located inside the peaceful river.Hanoi have 5 gate to get inside ,that village also have 5 gate to get in as well.Hanoi is famouse for Hoan kiem Lake ,that village also have big lake in the center village.that why It was consider as a little Hanoi  . Ngoc Hoa villageg is famous for a quiet and sacred land with hundreds of well-known historical and culture relics. It is also a place of scenic beauty , including the ancient village and temples. Enjoy vietfarmtrip tour you can get the real vietnamese experience country life  

7:30 - 8:15: Pick you up at your hotel, departure for Ngoc Hoa village. Enjoy en route, you will pass fields of busy workers farming their rice fields using traditional methods of cultivation.
10:15:  Upon arrival Ngoc Hoa village, enjoy a cup of tea with the local family and have a short rest.
10:45:Wearing traditional farmer’s clothes to start farming work, including scoop,plough and rake with buffalo on the rice field. You can try 
riding a water buffalo, cultivate rice and learning more about the farming process of the water rice 
Return to the local family for a cooking class and then having  lunch together.
13:30: Biking around the country lanes to see some old traditional houses and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of the local people. This is a great way to interact with the local vietnamese people and exploring the rural Vietnamese 

architecture and traditional culture by the way Visting  Ca  Temple, an old temple which marked the beginning of the Independent Vietnam when the Tang Dynasty collapsed.

14:30: The Optional
Optional 1
 Board our viet farm’s bamboo boat for a river cruise to meet and engage with local fishermen and enjoy a hands-on experience of traditional net fishing,cast net(Chai). You will also experience paddling the unique Vietnamese boat while the water ways of lichee  on two side of the river This tour provides you with a cultural window into the ways of life of both our farming and fishing communities. .
Optional 2 : Take a motorbike or car for visiting Stork island  ,enjoy a steel  boat trip around the stork island located in Chi Lang Nam commune. The island is located in the middle of a broad lake with tens of thousands of storks and heros of various kinds and precious birds such as pelicans and teal residing together.
16h:00: Say goodbye to  Viet farm homestay for Ha Noi departure.
17h:30 Hanoi arrival ,drop you off at your hotel in Ha Noi Old Quarter. The tour finished.