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3 Day 2 nights
LaFairy Sails - We Sail Your Vacations LaFairy Sails are luxury and boutique wooden boats which are designed in the time-honored traditional style while still following international standards. The boat has 11 well-equipped…
Package price: 188$


2 Day 1 nights
V’Spirit Classic Cruise is proud to welcome you on-board one of its deluxe boats for your dreamlike Cruise in Halong Bay. The word “V’Spirit” actually means “Vietnamese Spirit”, and our goal is to help you experience that feeling which is part of our daily lives. The entire length of our country is next to the sea which feeds us, and on which many of us live and work. Much of our delicious, traditional cuisine is derived from the riches of the sea, and our love of family, friends, and gathering around a good meal shines through in the many tastes of Vietnamese cooking. The unique limestone islands found in Halong Bay, along with the mysterious, and beautiful caves scattered throughout, mirror the beauty, grace, and mystery of our homeland.
Package price: 148$


3 Day 2 nights
Legacy Legend is one of the newest wooden cruise in Halong bay. The tour guides and crew are extremely friendly and attentive, the cabins on the junk are nice and clean. There are more than enough food provided at each meal and it is very tasty and fresh. You will enjoy the kayaking, caving, visiting fishing village, cooking class...
Package price: 152$


Equipped by the best interior in the world with enthusiastic well-trained crew, Era cruises promise to bring you incredible services and truly luxury experience in Ha Long bay
Package price: 248$


Signature cruise offers a broad range of on board activities, facilities, side trips and excursions. Our main aim is to provide the best possible service for our guests and to make their stay as enjoyable as possible on board activities
Package price: 218$


The concept of the company came along, to offer a unique cruising experience in the World Heritage site, blending Vietnamese traditions and multi-faceted culture with the highest standards of hospitality worthy of world-class grand hotels and, thanks to visionary ideas and unequaled customer services, standing out among the four or five hundred boats sailing across the bay every day.
Package price: 128$


Lan Ha Legend Cruise - we visit Halong bay & Lan Ha bay with lots of interesting activities: Cruising, kayaking & swimming in the tranquil, quiet & clean bay, lagoon, go fishing with local people...
Package price: 135$


Cat Ba is the largest of the 366 islands spanning 260km2 that comprise the Cat Ba Archipelago, which makes up the southeastern edge of Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam. Cat Ba Island means "Women’s Island" (Cat meaning sandy and Ba meaning women). Legend has it that many centuries ago, three women of the Tran Dynasty were killed and their bodies floated all the way to Cat Ba Island. Each body washed up on a different beach and all three were found by local fishermen. The residents of Cat Ba built a temple for each woman, and the Island soon became known as Cat Ba.
Package price: 88$


Experience the magical landscape of Ha Long Bay aboard one of Tonkin Cruises' premiere boats.Since our launch in 2011, Tonkin Cruises has grown to become one of Vietnam's leading cruise companies and experts in the Ha Long Bay area
Package price: 159$